Making motor quoting even quicker

At aurum, we appreciate that service is key and we are always looking for ways to make sure we are not keeping our brokers and clients waiting.


What do we need?

The more additional information we have, the quicker we can get quoting.


- Owned driving experience
- Length and type of licence
- Nationality
- Domicile status of policyholder
- Claims and Convictions
- Relationship To Policyholder
- Bankruptcy/Creditor issues
- Confirmation not impounded


- Registration number/ full vehicle make & model (including year of manufacture)
- Annual Mileage
- Overnight storage - Is it garaged, behind locked gates etc.
- Vehicle security
- Modifications (including Wrapping)
- Who will be driving the vehicle
- Confirmation not impounded

Alternatively, please refer to our quote forms in the links below that include all information we will ask for: 

New Business

Midterm Adjustments

You don’t have to use our quote forms, but we do ask you include all information we ask for in them when you present the quote to our underwriters!