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As you may be aware, our own DUAL HNW home offering and Aurum Home’s capacity partner has confirmed they will not be renewing our binding authority agreement. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to cease the Aurum High Net Worth home owners product and we will not be offering new business quotes or renewal quotes for existing policyholders effective on or after 1 March 2024.

If you are an existing Aurum home policyholder wishing to discuss your policy please contact your intermediary.

Rest assured any existing claims will be dealt with swiftly and without fuss so that you may put the event leading to a claim behind you as soon as possible.

For information on how to make a new household or motor claim:


Buildings, Contents, Valuable Articles, Liability and Lifestyle Protection cover (Sections 05, 06, 07 and 10)

To make a claim under any of these sections, please contact:

T: 020 7397 4405

E: [email protected]

Family Legal Expenses (Section 08)

To make a claim under this section, please notify ARAG as soon as possible.

A claim form can be downloaded at or requested by telephoning us on 0117 917 1698 between 9am and 5pm weekdays (except bank holidays). The completed claim form and supporting documentation can be sent to ARAG by email, post or fax. Further details are set out in the claim form itself. 

Home Emergency (Section 09)

To make a claim under this section, please contact ARAG by telephone on 0330 303 1448 (lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) as soon as possible, providing ARAG with your name, address, postcode and the nature of the problem.

Travel Claims Emergency Medical and Assistance Helpline (Section 11)

All claims to be submitted within 60 days of the incident giving rise to the claim. First, check this wording to make sure your claim is valid: If you wish to raise a claim, require Emergency Medical Assistance or require any other emergency assistance please call: 0330 311 2897 and follow the instructions given.

Claims Advice

  • Cancellation Claims
The travel agent, tour operator, provider of transport or accommodation must be contacted immediately and you must obtain a cancellation invoice. Tickets and booking forms/receipts will also be required to support your claim. They will advise you of any other additional supporting documentation required (this will be dependent upon the reason for the cancellation).
  • Curtailment Claims
Call the Travel Claims, Emergency Medical & Assistance Helpline: 0330 311 2897 if you are ill or injured.Authorisation must be obtained before you cut short your trip. All ticket stubs/booking forms/receipts should be retained and submitted to support your claim.We will advise you of any additional supporting documentation required (this will be dependent upon the reason for the curtailment).
  • Delayed Baggage Claims
If personal baggage is delayed obtain a written report from the carrier (e.g. airline, shipping company etc.) is required detailing the length and cause of the delay. Retain all the receipts which relate to any emergency replacement items you have purchased. Contact the Claims Service for a claim form on 0330 311 2897.
  • Money Claims
Written proof of the incident must be obtained from the police, the accommodation management, tour operator or carrier within 24 hours of the loss/theft. You may be asked to provide proof of the withdrawal of the money from the bank. Please remember that the loss of money must occur whilst it is carried on your person or whilst it is left in a locked safety deposit box. Contact the Claims Service for a claim form on 0330 311 2897.
  • Travel Disruption
Written confirmation must be obtained from the airline, shipping, coach or train company stating the period of the delay and the reason for the delay. Please remember that cover for travel delay is provided for specific reasons only: 

- strike or industrial action (provided that when this policy was taken out and or the trip was booked, there was no reasonable expectation that the trip would be affected by such cause)
- adverse weather conditions
- the mechanical breakdown or technical fault of the aircraft, coach or sea vessel
  • Missed Departure Claims
Written confirmation must be obtained from the Transport Company, police or roadside assistance service confirming the location, reason and duration of the delay. Contact the Claims Service for a claim form on 0330 311 289



If you would like to make a motor claim please call 0330 175 6072.

For further information on motor claims please click here

Contact the Aurum team

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